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Wholehearted & Courageous Creative Master Class

Allow your heart time to breathe and your
mind the chance to be inspired

Hello! We're excited to share our new online Master Class, Connected through Creativity, with you. This hands on, experiential class is for the every day woman looking to engage her inner creativity, whether beginner or “artist”. We believe creative essence dwells in the heart of every one of us fashioned by the ultimate Creator. We need only to make the time for this essence to find its way from our hearts to our hands.

This unique course will touch on various topics centering around the creative process, rather than focusing on specific techniques. There is no prerequisite or experience needed to join. 


Our time will involve finishing a handmade project every week, in addition to gaining tools that enhance our new or ongoing creative practice. The main goal is to connect us back to the heart of a creative God as well as our own heart, within the strength and connection of community. 



1. You are drawn to find ways to express yourself creatively but aren't sure where to begin

2. You know you are a creative being and need some help unlocking this truth

3. You desire creating in a safe, supportive space while connecting with others in the process

4. You are just starting out on this journey OR are ready to refine your creative practice into something you truly enjoy on a more consistent basis


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Week 1:  Intuitive Art -

Learning to trust ourselves as we kick perfection to the curb


Week 2: Visual Journaling - 

Delighting in the creative experience through colors and music


Week 3:  Mixed Media Art Journaling - 

An experience and exercise in raising self-awareness through visual journaling


Week 4: Intuitive Art - 

Connecting to the heart of God through creativity


We are committed to partnering with you on this journey as you get in touch with the creativity hidden within you. This Master Class will transform your creative process through a passionate, inspiring and empathetic community looking to thrive and grow together.

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What participants have experienced within our creative spaces…


“I was surprised by the strong presence of God that descended as we began. The painting I created in that time is one of my favorites so far!”


“There is something so comforting in knowing that I’m not on the journey alone. Hearing someone say out loud the same thoughts I’m thinking actually helps me feel like I’m totally not messing anything up. I’m just on a journey, just like everyone else is.”


Rhodalynn Jetton 

In addition to spearheading Wholehearted & Courageous, I also run a creative arts business called Wildflowers and Flamingos and am part of the Bethel Prophetic Arts Team

I have taught hundreds of students, of all stages of life and demographics, hand lettering. I also paint monthly during worship for Bethel Austin. I have seen my paintings bring both emotional and physical healing. I truly believe that any authentic mark carries the life of Heaven. It's my joy to partner with you in helping you discover your authentic mark. 

Instagram: @wildflowersandflamingos

Ammie Avolio 

I, along with the help of my amazing team lead the Wholehearted & Courageous Branch in Sacramento.


My heart tugs led me to watercolor painting in 2016 and I've been cultivating creativity ever since. The curiosity within has prompted the exploration of various mediums such as acrylics, wreath making, poetry, drawing, graphic art, graphic design and clay work. The goal in anything I create is to evoke emotion, beauty, heavenly hope and inspiration. The world needs your voice and expression more than ever. I look forward to seeing what God releases creatively in and through you beautiful one. 

Instagram: @well_hello_sunshine

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