Founder & Visionary


Who she is: I am an avid lover of life and beauty! I have been married to my best friend for 15 years and we have 4 beautiful children together. My favorite things to do are dance like a wild woman, try new things, and read books in one sitting. I also spearhead the Wholehearted and Courageous movement as well as lead the Austin branch in Texas. Along with my amazing team, I work to create safe spaces so that women can fully emerge and live out their most authentic life.


W&C is: a deep belief in the magic of every woman and the magic of women converging. It is a strong and beautiful tsunami wave that catches those who intentionally set themselves in its path and carries them to places of transformation and becoming that they never could have imagined or reached on their own.


Living from the heart looks like: making yourself a priority, knowing that you thriving benefits all those around you. It looks like validating the highs and lows of your journey. It means giving yourself permission to be an active participant in your own life by making choices based on what you truly desire.

Redding Director

Who she is: I'm a British girl living in Northern California with my husband and my two little redhead kids. I spend my days full time with these sweet two as well as leading the Redding branch of Wholehearted & Courageous in California. My heart thrives when I'm playing sports, having meaningful time with friends and being outdoors with my family.


W&C is: a space where we give each other the permission and courage to live out the lives we truly want to live, not just the ones we have found ourselves swept up in. It's a movement giving women the opportunity to discover the fullness of who they are, with the joy and strength of community surrounding them.


Living from the heart looks like: living the life you truly want to live and doing away with the limitations of 'I can't because'.  It also looks like staying connected to your desires, dreams and emotions so that you can not just survive but truly thrive in all that you do.

 Communications Director  

Who she is:  I'm a dreamer, sunshine lover, devoted wife & loving mama.

I oversee a host of creative things including our media branding, web development, event coordination as well as lead the Sacramento branch for Wholehearted & Courageous in California. I'm passionate about people being transformed by the love of God and living in their God given identities. I find deep joy in family life, traveling, watercolor painting and being beloved daughter to my Heavenly Father.


W&C is: an invitation to embrace the broken, beautiful, brilliant and imperfect parts of ourselves and allowing a joining of those pieces to come together into wholeness through the Holy Spirit. It looks like deep connection with others and feels like coming home to our most authentic self.


Living from the heart looks like: an inner awakening that leads to a life lived on purpose. It looks like taking the time to cultivate the garden of our inner world, planting good seeds, rooting out weeds with Christ and manifesting the fruitful life the Father has wonderfully intended for us. 

CFO and Strategic Director

Who she is: I live in Austin, Texas, with my husband, three children, two border collies, and cat. I oversee Wholehearted & Courageous' finances, help the team navigate through projects as well as lead the Austin branch in Texas. I love adventure and travel and have been to five continents so far. I also love food and will look for any excuse to gather with friends around the table.


W&C is: a movement that creates safe spaces for women who are ready to shake off shame, engage with their story, and claim ownership of their journey as they courageously uncover their identity and purpose in the context of powerful community.


Living from the heart looks like: connection. First, connection to unconditional Love that accepts me just as I am, right where I am. As I learn to love myself as He loves me, I am able to connect to the places I’ve tried to hide from, whether it be my pain or my greatness. From here, I am equipped to create the life I truly want, to see lasting positive change, and to empower others on their journeys as well.

Photos by: Christine Hume & Rebekah Troll