We believe that transformational living happens when we give ourselves permission to connect back to the heart, learn to embrace the beautiful and imperfect story of who we are and bravely share that story with others. We find the fullness of this experience happening as we stay connected to the heart of God, His truth, love and one another.


The Wholehearted & Courageous journey is cultivated within small group communities, retreats and uniquely curated experiences. Our time together evokes powerful and authentic discussion surrounded by elements of vulnerability, permission, discovery and celebration. The process compels us to believe in our worth, live courageously and manifest the life we desire to live. 

Our hope is to see women made whole while choosing to be fully present in their process, healed through partnership with God and living in the beautiful, bold and wild truth of who they were created to be.

The Experience

Wholehearted & Courageous creates safe spaces and community where vulnerability and authenticity become more natural to express.​ 


The individual's journey is supported by the strength of the tribe of women who surround her.

It is a place where synergy occurs, walls come tumbling down, creativity emerges, mindsets are changed and love and belonging is found. Our desire is that each woman would find her essence and courage while engaging in the powerful space of shared experiences. 


Our beautifully-located, intimate retreats are centered around various themes crafted to inspire meaningful conversations and provoke personal discovery. God's presence always meets us so uniquely during these powerful times together. Wholehearted & Courageous retreats are mindfully planned to create an environment of vulnerability, courage, exploration and the spirit of connection.  


We believe in the power of shared experiences and fun! Girls Only Dance Parties are a place to let your hair down and dance your heart out. We rent out awesome venues, hire the best DJ's and let loose on the dance floor. It is definitely a night to remember. It's common for us to hear, "I haven't had that much fun in a long time!"